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Diamond, Knife, and Shear is a leading industrial sharpening service and supplier of high quality industrial machine knives in the United States and in regions of Mexico. We're located in San Antonio, TX, and our specialites are:

>> Shear knives
>> Paper knives
>> Slitter knives
>> Pelletizer knives
>> Carbide-tipped saw blades
>> Chipper knives

In addition to these, we also offer a comprehensive array of other industrial cutting products, landscaping and yard tools, and household items. Click on a category below to see the specialty cutting products we make for different industries. Please click here to visit our Additional Cutting Products page.

Diamond, Knife, and Shear can provide you with specialty knives manufactured to your specifications and tolerances. We can even help you in designing new knives. Call us today. We will be glad to hear from you!

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